About Brian H. Farr

A Personal Finance Expert and Licensed Professional Counselor

Brian H Farr Licensed Professional CounselorBrian Farr is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, Oregon. His personal finance expertise spans financial therapy, financial tele-coaching, individual counseling, couples counseling, and small business development.

He has helped hundreds of individuals and couples explore their relationship with money, and develop new awareness and effective habits with personal finances. He uses a wide variety of therapeutic and financial techniques to assist people in recognizing the patterns behind their actions, and then develops clear strategies for resolving financial problems.

Brian has worked with financial service professionals as a consultant, co-facilitator of client meetings, and workshop presenter. Given his experience in the investment management business, he is able to communicate effectively about the tangible reality of financial data, as well as the less tangible reality of the emotions and personal dreams that are inevitably woven into the financial planning process.

Brian’s professional affiliations include: